About Us

The Center for Multicultural Studies is an academic and research organization under the College of Liberal Arts, National Cheng Kung University (hereafter, The University). The Center was established in 2012 with Taiwan as the main research focus under the name of “Min-Nan Culture Center”. To extend its academic scope, the Center changed its name to “Multicultural Studies” in 2016 with the mission to promote interdisciplinary and cross-bordering collaboration among scholars in humanities and cultures. The Center’s projects focused on the existing locality and past multi-ethnic cultural conditions in Taiwan while drawing on the issues of cultural hybridity worldwide. The Center aims to create a platform of dialogues and collaboration with scholars and institutes across academic fields and geographical regions.

 The center operates under the supervision of the Consultation Committee formed by faculty members of different academic backgrounds in the University. The Center publishes a series of monographs with topics related to its research scopes. In addition, the Center offers lectures, workshops, micro-courses, exhibitions, cultural events, and conferences with private, government, student, and NGO organizations to reach out and fulfill its social responsibilities.