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【Conference】12th International Indonesia Forum Conference-2019-06-18

Rising to the Occasion: Indonesian Creativity, Ingenuity, and Innovation in a World in Transition


This year, the 12th International Indonesia Forum Conference (IIF) will be held at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) on June 26th and 27th. The conference theme for 2019 is “Rising to the Occasion: Indonesian Creativity, Ingenuity, and Innovation in a World in Transition”. 

This is the very first time the International Indonesia Forum Conference will be held outside of Indonesia. For NCKU this is also the first cooperation with the international community of Indonesia scholars. This collaboration is the fruit of the academic ability of NCKU scholars in the field of Southeast Asian Studies. It also strengthens the international interaction between NCKU, Taiwanese scholars and their international counterparts in Indonesia and overseas.

The International Indonesia Forum was established in 2008. It is a long established interdisciplinary group that cooperates with various universities in Indonesia to host annual conferences. The purpose of the IIF is to increase interaction between both local as well as international Indonesia scholars. IIF was originally started by Indonesianistsfrom Yale University in the Yale Indonesia Forum. Now IIF continues as an independent organization. The IIF founder and chairman Frank Dhont is also serving as NCKU professor. 

The conference is hosted by the Center for Multi-cultural Studies and receives support from several professors and departments in NCKU. About 40 academics will participate in the conference with speakers coming from Europe, America and Asia including of course mainly from Taiwan and Indonesia.

This year the conference aims to help increase Taiwan’s enthusiasm for Southeast Asian Research and will showcase Taiwanese scholars’ capacities in the field of Indonesia research. The conference will help to promote both Taiwan to Southeast Asia and also Southeast Asia in Taiwan. The conference is expected to help to launch the Nusantara Journal in NCKU and highlight NCKU as a major center of Southeast Asian research in Taiwan. 

The 12th International Indonesian Forum, finding itself in a changing world, will for the first time be held outside of Indonesia. It will take place from 26–27 June 2019 in National Cheng Kung University, Tainan City, Taiwan.



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